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Rauh Hydraulics


RAUH was founded in Bamberg in 1973. Today the RAUH Hydraulik GmbH is with about 180 employees in over 10 sites one of the leading companies for hydraulic and pneumatic components in Germany. RAUH`s superior quality standard is in demand not only in Germany; therefore they are also operating Europe-wide and around the world.

Their product range covers all components of the hydraulic and pneumatic sector. Besides the production of hydraulic hoses and systems, RAUH offers its customers a special advisory service, individual solutions and a wide range of services in all hydraulic and pneumatic questions. By innovative action in terms of the interest of their customers, they have been able to improve their skills permanently.

In 1993, as one of the first companies in the hydraulics industry, RAUH was certified by the “TÜV Bayern Sachsenâ€' according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
Since then, the high quality standard has been evolved constantly and has been the continuous encouragement of their performance.

With nearly four decades of experience, the commitment of their employees and the flexibility of a successful family business, they are proud of their achievements, but also ready for the challenges of the future to realize targeted customer needs.

Hydraulic hoses:
• Extremely high pressure & high pressure hoses
• Lubrication lines
• Hot water hoses & hoses for drain and sewer cleaning
• Low pressure lines for fuels & mineral oils
• Special industrial hoses for steam and aggressive mediums
• Teflon hoses
• Pneumatic hoses
• Coolant hoses (Locline)
• Water cleaning & blasting
• Air conditioning hoses
• Special hoses

Hose fittings:
• Fittings
• All current fittings to crimp / screw / plug
• Hose clamps
• Protection against abrasion, flames & kink
• Hose assembly equipment (crimping-, skiving-, cutting machines, etc.)
• Tube forming (flanging- & pre-assembling, tube bending apparatus)
• Blowguns for hose - & tube cleaning
• Tube deburring tools
• Storz- & Geka couplings
• Sealing equipment

• Quick release couplings
• Flat-face couplings
• Screw-on type couplings
• Pipe couplings
• Multi couplings
• Pneumatic couplings
• Leak-free couplings
• Special designs for water, aggressive mediums and extremely high pressures
• Accessories, spare parts & sealing
• compatible with all systems on the market

Ball valves:
• Shut-off valves for high and low pressure
• Stroke limiter
• Flanged ball valves
• Switching combinations & custom-made devices for oil, water and gas

• Pipe fittings 24° (DIN 2353, DIN 3851, SAE J 514)
• with DVGW certification
• with cutting ring and with flare coupling
• with the latest technology in sealing systems
• all current adapters (SAE, JIC, ORFS, NPT, BSP, ...)
• Twin ferrule compression fittings (Superlok)
• flange boltings
• measuring points
• weld nipples

Pressure Gauges & Fluid Test:
• Pressure gauges & digital hydraulic tester for pressure-, temperature-, & flow measurement
• measurement & test equipment
• mobile hydraulic tester
• measuring points & test hoses

Hydraulic pipes & Clamps:
• Seamless precision steel- & stainless steel tubes
• Hydraulic pipe bends
• Polyamide tubes (PA) for air brake systems
• Pipes with preassembled or soldered connections
• Clamps (PP, PA, aluminium)
• High-Clean clamps especially for process, food and pharmaceutical applications
• fixing parts

Drive engineering:
• Hydraulic pumps, motors & transmissions
• Hydraulic accumulators: bladder-, diaphragm- & piston accumulators, etc.
• Valves: directional control valves, throttle valves, shut-off valves, check valves, pressure control valve, sandwich pressure valves, load sensing valves, proportional valve etc.
• Hydraulic cylinders: single & double acting cylinders, telescopic cylinders, accessories
• Hydraulic filters, filtering systems (mobile & stationary), filter elements, etc.
• Hydraulic tools: hand-operated pumps, spreading devices, hollow piston cylinders, Hydraulic presses, puller, etc.
• Hydraulic power units & small power units

• Pneumatic & spiral air hoses
• Fittings
• Pneumatic cylinders

Maintenance units
• Flow control valves & shut-off valves
• Quick release couplings
• Solenoid valves
• Vacuum products
• Pressure regulators
• Clamps
• Fixing materials

• Chemical products
• Screw locking sets
• Technical sprays
• Cleaning spray
• Assembly pastes
• Adhesives

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