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Hydrokraft manufactures high-pressure axial piston hydraulic pumps, motors and transmissions for applications in stationary industrial equipment, marine, mining, chemical processing, food processing and other markets in open circuit or closed circuit applications.

Hydrokraft, located in Goeppinggen, Germany, was founded in 1936 as a division of Boehringer to manufacture hydrostatic drives and developed its first axial piston units in 1975.

Hydrokraft pumps are based on the low noise swashplate principle with a maximum yoke angle of 18°. Nine pistons hydrostatically balanced by shoes bearing on the swashplate provide virtually pulsation-free flow.

A wide range of control options for variable displacement pumps include mechanically, hydraulically and electrically controlled types. They provide highly efficient system control. Through-drive options facilitate mounting of pilot, charge or other auxilliary pumps.


• Many control options allow matching of pumps to any application.
• High efficiency from automatic pressure balancing of cylinder block to the valve plate.
• Generously sized shaft bearings for long life and through-drive capability.
• Highly resistant to dirt because of automatic wear compensation.
• Low sound level assured by swashplate design and other proven features.
• Open circuit pumps require no boosting; they are self-priming

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