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As of January 1, 2011 an even stronger team is found under the Bosch Rexroth brand with Hägglunds Drives now fully integrated into Bosch Rexroth.

The Hägglunds name can still be found on the tough and reliable large hydraulic Hägglunds system solutions that now are a part of the strong Bosch Rexroth portfolio. Bosch Rexroth will continue to produce the excellent system solutions in Mellansel, Sweden.

More information about the Hägglunds direct drive systems can be found on the Bosch Rexroth website (link at bottom of this page).

Hägglunds CA Motor

The Hägglunds CA motor was developed for a very specific purpose: to provide a tough and powerful solution for heavy duty applications where the size and weight are significant issues. The result is a really compact hydraulic drive with the same durability, excellent performance and reliability as other Hägglunds motors from Rexroth. With its small envelop size and light weight, the Hägglunds CA has an excellent power to weight ratio.

Popular features of the Hägglunds CA motor are for example the numerous mounting options, the very useful through hole and the insensitivity to shock loads.

Hägglunds CB Motor

The Hägglunds CB range is suitable for many heavy-duty applications such as shredders, feeders and roll mills. Some of its many benefits are the space saving design and versatile mounting possibilities.

The motor reacts quickly and the heavy duty design can take shock loads and stop instantly when required. Hägglunds CB is a truly tough, economical and reliable drive.

Hägglunds CBP Motor

The Hägglunds CBP motor series is a truly powerful motor range. It has all the attractive characteristics of the Hägglunds direct drive hydraulic motors. It is compact, with low weight and immensely powerful. In fact, the most powerful Hägglunds motor (power per kilo) ever. This motor can operate continuously at high power. It can be flange-mounted or torque arm mounted and all of the motors are fitted with splines and have through-holes. This motor opens new opportunities for drive solutions in new applications, because this motor can drive at higher speeds with increased efficiency.

Hägglunds MB Motor

The heavy-duty motor design and the high reliability makes this motor suitable for severe working conditions. Excellent controllability and resistance to shock loads are other factors contributing to its success.

The Hägglunds MB motor has performed very well in all kinds of environments even in dusty, corrosive and explosive risk areas. In extreme heat or freezing cold, the Hägglunds MB is the obvious choice for tough, high-torque applications and provides many years of realiable service.

Hägglunds Viking

The Hägglunds Viking was the first Hägglunds hydraulic motor to leave the assembly line. It was originally designed to bring performance, reliability and control to marine applications. The same features have however also proven valuable in the industrial field; e.g. Pulp & Paper and the Mining Industry.

In marine applications, particularly with tough winches, the Hägglunds Viking motor is known to provide the best available control of torque (line pull) regardless of speed. This reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity by reducing the risk of snagging or equipment breakdowns. True free-wheeling and a very low moment of inertia are some features that has made the Hägglunds Viking so popular in even the most demanding environments.

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