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Hydraulic and System Testing & Commissioning


Optima offers a variety of testing methods, both in-house and on site. We use advanced technology for troubleshooting and problem solving. Our hydraulic test bench has a capability of 350kW, making it one of the largest hydraulic test facilities in Cape Town.

  • Testing of used Piston Pump
  • Testing some of the Hydraulics on the Crawler
  • Testing of Gearboxes with 4 Hydraulic Drives
  • Testing Containerised Power Pack and Hagglunds Radial Piston Motor
  • Testing Drive and Brakes of Spooling Unit
  • 200t Weight Test for Main Winches
  • Testing of Subsea Mining Cutter
  • Winch Test
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Test
  • Testing Hydraulics of A-Frame for Diving Bell System
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