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Mobil HPU

An Eye for Design 

Our design office is responsible for the design of special purpose machines and is also integrally involved in consulting work. Although most of our concepts are born in the conventional way, all detail designs and final assembly drawings are produced by using the latest design software. We utilize the following in our current environment:

• Autodesk Inventor – A full 3D design package which offers a comprehensive service in mechanical design. One of the latest packages available on the market today.

• CAD4 Hydraulik – An package designed specifically for the creation of hydraulic circuit diagrams.

• ANSYS – A finite element analysis package to complement the mechanical design and pin point structural issues.

Advanced 3D - Designs

  • Modular Power Pack with Piping
  • Customised Power Pack
  • Subsea Drilling Table
  • Support Wire Winch for Aerial Ropeway System
  • Jacking Cylinder
  • Boom Cylinder
  • Steering System for Vessel
  • Customised Power Pack
  • Air Dive System
  • Base Frame - Subsea Sampling Tool
  • Refueling System
  • Container Design
  • Subsea Power Swivel with Slurry Delivery Arrangement
  • Subsea Rack Drive System
  • Subsea Rack Drive
  • Subsea Cutter

Established Designs

  • Manifold block Layout
  • Valve Block - NG 6
  • Compact Actuator Assembly
  • Standard Power Pack
  • Mobile Filtration Unit
  • Standard Hydraulic Winch
  • Marine Deck Equipment Layout
  • Deck Crane - Capacity 2ton at 5m
  • Deck Crane Assembly - Capacity 1,0 ton
  • Steering Gear: Layout of Actuator
  • Vehicle Mounted Crane
  • Deck Crane Assembly
  • Tyre Handler Assembly
  • 200/210 Litre Drum Lid Curling Machine
  • 4 Coloumn Press Assembly - Range 30 ton

Hydraulic Circuit Design

  • Steering System
  • Typical System Design
  • Plant Control System

Finite Element Analysis/Method - FEA/FEM

  • FEA Steel Structure
  • FEA Mast Base Frame
  • FEA Connection Frame
  • FEA Hydraulic Piping
  • FEA Steel Structure
  • FEA Steel Structure
  • FEA Gearbox Housing
  • FEA Gearbox Housing
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