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Power Packs / Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Our extensive range of Power Packs include both standard and custom options. We offer a complete turnkey solution to the customer`s requirements.

Our range typically includes:

• Medium and Large Power Packs
• Mini Hydraulic Power Packs
• Special Purpose Power Packs (Marinised and Industrial)
• Installed Power from 0.5kW to 2500kW
• Installed Flow from 4,5 l/min to 4000 l/min

Standard and small sized Power Packs

  • Power Pack with Valve Station
  • Power Pack with Main and Standby Pump
  • Standard Power Pack
  • Standard Power Pack
  • Standard Power Pack
  • Standard Power Pack with Roof
  • Filter and Cooling Unit for Gearbox Oil
  • Power Pack with Top Mounted Pump
  • Typical Flooded Suction Type HPU
  • Standard Power Pack in Opened Enclosure
  • Mooring Winch Power Pack
  • Mooring Winch HPU Assembly Line

Customised and larger Power Packs

  • 825kW HPU installed on Vessel
  • Installed 110kW HPU for Trommel Drive
  • Enclosed 110kW HPU
  • Enclosed Diesel Driven HPU
  • 2500kW HPU for Ring Main System on Mining Vessel
  • HPU for 200t Main Winches on Mining Vessel
  • Replenishing Units for Subsea Sampling Tool
  • HPU for Refinery
  • Enclosed HPU with HMI Control Unit
  • Diesel driven High Pressure (400bar) HPU for Jacking System
  • Power Pack for Steering System
  • 110kW HPU with HMI Control Panel in Dust and Rain proof Enclosures for Harsh Environment
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